Monday, November 23, 2015

Thanksgiving Centerpieces to Suit Every Style

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When I host any type of get together, my favorite way to brighten up the space and add a touch of personality is with floral arrangements. And if you're a guest, they're a really thoughtful gift to give to the host!

Centerpieces completely set the scene and the possibilities are truly endless. Your personal style can be reflected from the flowers themselves to the vase that's being used. So no matter what type of Thanksgiving gathering you're hosting or attending, here are 4 different arrangements that will elevate your table setting and suit many styles.

CHIC & ELEGANT // I love the fullness that hydrangeas bring to any arrangement and the eucalyptus leaves sort of tie the whole thing together. But what I think makes this whole arrangement look really chic is the vase. I picked this one up from H&M Home for less than $20.
TIP #1 / If you notice too much space in between each bundle of hydrangeas, take a rubber band and tie it around the top of the stems near the blooms. Voila! Problem solved.
TIP #2 / Cut the stems diagonally and then upwards into the stem itself. This will allow them to soak up more water and keep the blooms alive for longer!

WARM & RUSTIC // Probably because of Pinterest, Mason jars have become the epitome of rustic decor. And luckily, you can find them everywhere because of it. Mums are really autumnal flowers and are perfect when paired with these eucalyptus leaves for this type of setup. Picture these on a farmhouse table and a delicious spread. #thatsdarling

TIP #3 / Don't throw your stems away, you can use them as a rustic centerpiece too! I saved mine and wrapped them around this vase (which used to be a candle jar!) with some twine. Boom, centerpiece done.

BRIGHT & MINIMAL // Easily the quickest one to put together, but that doesn't mean it loses any points for visual interest. This has the most holiday feel to it and I think it's actually my favorite. Wait, why am I surprised? I digress. The simplicity of this arrangement is what makes it look so put together. You'll have a beautiful looking table in just 5 minutes. Plus, this is the perfect arrangement to recreate for Christmas too!

TIP #4 / Don't have flower food? This bundle of berries didn't come with any. So I mixed a little bit of sugar (about a spoonful) with warm water as a substitute. I've tried this before and the flowers have lasted just as long, if not longer, as the pre-packaged flower food.



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