Monday, November 30, 2015

Gift Guide: The Hostess

Today's the day – GIFT GUIDES ARE HERE! I'm posting new gift guides for the next two weeks. Get excited, people! Like I said before, I'm really excited to be sharing these with you and these are honestly some of my favorite types of posts to read by other bloggers, so I hope you enjoy them!

I'm starting it off with ideas for that person in your life that loves to entertain. I myself love hosting people and always appreciate it when someone gives me a gift that I can use to give back to them.

1 / They'll love using and displaying these sleek glass mugs. (Or buy a set of 8 - better value!)
2 / Because copper everything is lovely.
3 / Fill their home with a festive and inviting scent. (Literally like Christmas in a jar)
4 / The cutest tea towel for their kitchen. (And only $5.99!)
5 / Perfect for serving apps or on their coffee table.
6 / The prettiest wine rack in all the land. (P.S. Don't forget to pick up a bottle or two)
7 / Delicious recipes for your next get together.
8 / All coffee + copper lovers are swooning right now.
9 / Stacks on stacks of delicious baked goods.

And honestly, you don't even need to go all out if your budget is tight. The smallest of gestures are still extremely thoughtful, like a bouquet for their table or a batch of freshly baked cookies (my go-to recipe).

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