Monday, November 16, 2015

5 Simple (And Reusable) Friendsgiving DIY Ideas

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My friends and I are thinking of having a friendsgiving dinner next week since a few of us aren't going to visit family this year. And I am one who's always up for hosting parties and a good DIY sesh, except for when all of your beautiful decorations get thrown out or when they can't be repurposed for later. So, I've wrangled up a few of my favorite DIY ideas from around the interwebs that you can easily make and reuse even after friendsgiving!

I'm sure you've seen these everywhere lately, but did you know how easy these are to make? And so inexpensive! I like this color scheme for this season, but you could make more of a neutral or metallic colored garland that could be used for all occasions.

These were just too cute to pass up. And seriously, SO SIMPLE. I feel like the best DIYs are the simplest designs. Even if you don't end up using these as drink stirrers, I think they will still pass as really pretty decor even through the holiday season.

I saw these place cards the other day and thought, hey – I could make that! I love how craft paper adds such a homey touch. And of course, you know I love me a bit of gold. Even if you made these without the glitter, they are still really cute. Then remember not to throw them out, but save it for your next party!

First of all, I think a cheese plate would be perfect for a friendsgiving dinner. Not much prep work required and easy setup. But I love the simplicity of this DIY. So incredibly easy, but adds such a chic (and practical) touch. You probably can't reuse these exact same ones, but you can certainly reuse the idea! :)

I love the quote on this poster because after you host your friendsgiving dinner, it can still be used as artwork in your home. Design it in Illustrator and have it printed or go old school on an actual poster. I think this DIY also allows you to truly give it your personal touch, so get creative people!

P.S. If you're not feeling too keen on designing your own, I've purchased poster bundles from Caravan Shoppe before and it's actually really inexpensive to have them printed at Office Depot or Staples because they're black and white!


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