Monday, October 12, 2015

Room Inspo: My Dream Bedroom

Well, the roomie and I finally moved! I'm happy to say this place is slowly starting to feel like home.

There are definitely things I already miss about the old place… the neighborhood, the square footage, and endless storage options (I miss this the most... wahhh). But I am excited to be working with a blank canvas and taking on the challenge of making the most of a smaller apartment.

My new room is bigger than my old room, so I did have some space to work with. It's almost coming together, but it's just missing a few finishing touches. So I wrangled up a list of a few things that I think would complete the vision I had for my new bedroom.

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / I've never bought any artwork from Minted, but I'm pretty tempted to pick up a couple of these! How cute is that pineapple print?

5 / Because the space is still a little tight, these slim, Scandinavian Eames-style chairs are perfect and right up my alley. I was going back and forth between the black and the white, but I ended up ordering the white. :)

6 / My friend was kind enough to give me this desk when we were moving out. I ended up spray painting the legs gold (obvi) and I'm really happy with the result! Such an inexpensive way to make something look more luxe.

7 (similar) / Unfortunately, because my room doesn't have any windows, I can't keep my succulents in here. So, I'm potentially opting for faux foliage. I love how fiddle leaf fig trees look and think it would be a nice addition to brighten up the space. Plus, no watering involved!

8 / Before I moved in, I was set on needing a floor lamp because of the whole no-windows thing. Now that I've moved into the space, I don't think I absolutely need a floor lamp, but how gorgeous is this one? Still on the fence, but so hard to resist!

9 / Mirrors are a great way to create the illusion of more space. This one from Ikea looks beautiful and would work as a bold statement piece as well. I also like mixing up different metallics and think that the silver trim would look nice with the gold touches that are already in my room.

10 / I actually bought these stacking cubes from CB2 a while back and they are still my favorite piece of decor to date. I just think they're kind of unique and add some modern flare. You could even use this a a jewelry holder for earrings and small dainty necklaces!

11 / Who doesn't love twinkly lights? They instantly make any space feel cozier and that's exactly what I was going for. I picked these up from Amazon and love how they look. I haven't decided if I'm going to hang them up along the wall or wrap it around my headboard or...

12 / A ladder! I've always loved how decorative ladders looked. They are a great statement piece, but can also be really functional. I think it looks great with the twinkly lights wrapped around it as a decorative piece, but you could also use it to store your blankets or scarves. Oh, the possibilities!

Which was your favorite? Where are your favorite places to buy decorative pieces for your home?



  1. I just moved so this is super helpful. Love that mirror from Ikea! And very true about the twinkly lights. They do make everything so dreamy:)

    1. Hope you're settling in all right and I'm glad this was helpful! I love re-decorating, don't you? :)

      Love your blog, too!