Sunday, May 31, 2015

To New Beginnings


Am I really writing my first blog post? Am I ready to share my thoughts with all of you on the worldwide web ("Mom and Dad")?

Nerves aside, I am really excited about finally taking these first steps towards making this so-called pipe dream a reality. Wildly original. Bet you haven't heard that before, huh? (:

To be honest, there are so many ideas and directions I have playing out in my head that I'm a little overwhelmed by it. But ultimately, I have to remind myself that this is something I'm doing for me and something I should enjoy! It's really just a place for me to share what I love and my hope is that you'll find some of this inspiring and useful.

So if you've happened to discover my little corner of the internet on a whim, thanks for taking the time to read this! Or maybe you're just looking at the photos (and that's fine too!)

Cheers to a fresh start and new beginnings.

Image via Morgan Sessions


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